5 CASUAL ESSENTIALS FOR 2018! - Men's Casual Clothing You Should Own... 2 months ago

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Over the past year or two I've really focused on my casual style. So I wanted to highlight 5 casual essentials that every man should own.

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When I first started improving the way I dressed, I automatically turned to tailoring. Wearing suits when really, I didn't need too.

With a wardrobe filled with suits, my casual style always lacked. So I've started to work more on the casual side of my wardrobe.

The 5 essentials are as follows..

1. A watch.
2. Dark denim jeans.
3. Harrington jacket.
4. Grey sweatshirt.
5. Flannel shirt.

In the video I explain all 5 in more detail, explaining why you should own each one.

The key is versatility, as you want casual items you can dress up but also dress down.

How many casual essentials do you own?

Let me know in the comments below.

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